Dangers of Diet Soda: Is Diet Soda Bad for You and Your Kidneys

There are many dangers associated with drinking diet soda. People who drink daily at least 2 types of diet sodas (with artificial sweeteners) have a doubled the chance to prematurely contract kidney failure. Specialists from Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, a study institution associated with Harvard University did a research study using approximately 3000 women test subjects.

Scientists also took into consideration other factors such as age, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, heart problems, smoking addiction and have shown that the risks of suffering from kidney failure are double in the case of women that regularly drink diet soft drinks. Scientists stated that they have yet to prove a similar effect in men. Either way, doctor Julie Lin, the study coordinator, added that further studies are necessary for certain proof linking kidney failure to artificial sweeteners.

Since hydrating oneself is very important for healthy kidney functions, doctors try to raise awareness on the types of liquids we choose to hydrate ourselves with. They recommend flat mineral water, spring water, tea or milk. In choosing mineral water we have to check the balance between minerals and see that it doesn’t have a high calcium content which may lead to kidney stones.Doctors advise we should stay away from soft drinks since they modify urine Ph levels and also have a series of chemicals in their composition that can damage ones health.

Specialists warn patients that dehydration can be easily spotted if urine levels decrease, thus rasing concentration levels which can lead to urinary tract problems.

Specialists also warn consumers that soft drinks contain phosphoric acid which influences the bodies absorption capabilities of calcium and other necessary minerals. Just 500ml of soft drinks per day can prevent calcium assimilation leading to harsh growth and bone problems in kids. Also women over 40 who constantly consume soft drink have an increased chance of suffering from bone fragility and even osteoporosis.

So next time you ask yourself Is diet soda bad? You know the answer. So please try and avoid drinking diet soda, especially if you want healthy kidneys.

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