Weight Loss Tablets: the Truth about Weight Loss Pills

June 2, 2010

Diets & Nutrition

There are lots of weight loss tablets available all over the place. All weight loss pills promise effortless and quick weight loss. And who doesn’t like the idea of taking a pill, do nothing else and losing weight. It is as appealing as grass is for the cow.

Weight loss pills strike out lazy cord. We want to lose weight but we don’t want to do the work. We know we have to work hard to lose weight, even change ourselves. That is too hard. Then you read an advertising about a new miracle weight loss pill and your rational mind flies away. Your emotions take over and you buy some miracle weight loss tablets.

But what is the truth about weight loss pills? Do weight loss pills work? Well the answer isn’t that clear. Some do work and some do nothing. And if a diet pill worked for your friend it doesn’t mean it will work for you too. I know this because I tired some diet pills that one of my friend used to lose a lot of weight and I got no results. I was more than disappointed.

What is more remarkable about my friend’s weight loss success story isn’t the fact that she succeeded to lose weight. Not by far. What is truly amazing is what happened once she got off the diet pills. Can you guess what happened?… She got fat all over again. And I mean really fat, fatter than she ever was. I don’t know about you, but I never want those kind of weight loss results.

Most weight loss tablets suppress your appetite forcing you to eat a lot less food. You basically starve your body and the weight loss pills keep hunger away. In a struggle to adapt your body slows down your metabolism. Some weight loss pills also contain all kind of chemicals that clog your digestive tube. Once you get off the weight loss tablets you are set to get fat all over again.

You can’t expect to lose weight and keep it off without changing your eating habits. It just can’t be done. If you are eating truckloads of unhealthy food each and every day how can you expect to lose weight. If you don’t exercise from time to time how do you expect to strengthen your muscles. It just can’t be done. You have to change your lifestyle if you want to lose weight. Weight loss pills won’t help you live a healthier slimmer life. Weight loss pills will only delay your long term success and make you taste a brief period of weight loss success. That is pure torture in my opinion.

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