The Mini Tummy Tuck or Mini Abdominoplasty is Scarless

The mini tummy tuck or mini-abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure in which your lower abdomen gets reshaped to look better. It isn’t a full blown tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.

The purpose of the mini tummy tuck is usually that of cutting away the excess skin that remains hanging after a person loses a lot of weight form their abdomen. Sometimes some fat can be removed also. Basically a mini tummy tuck’s purpose is that of making your abdomen look smoking hot.

Usually any abdominoplasty that doesn’t involve the need of relocating the belly button is considered a mini tummy tuck. Because the extent of the surgery is more limited, those that undergo it get healed faster.

After the mini tuck operation you are required to wear a compression garment for 2-3 weeks. The good news is that after just 3 days you can start doing some light activity and in 1-3 weeks you can go back to work. The mini tummy tuck sutures get removes in a couple of weeks depending on how fast your body gets healed.

Because getting rid of flabby skin isn’t that easy, sometimes is even impossible, undergoing a mini tummy tuck might be necessary for a part of the people that succeed and lose a lot of weight from their belly. But you should always consult with more than 1 doctor before taking a decision. Maybe there are some nonsurgical ways to make your belly look as sexy as possible.

The best think about mini abdominoplasty is that it doesn’t leave any scars. That is why it is also called the scarless tummy tuck. It’s only purpose is that of making your abdomen look really great. Nothing else.

The price of a mini tummy tuck is something around $2,000. Quite some money considering the small amount of work involved on the surgeons part. To this you add the non-surgical fee and other various hospital prices and the bill goes up really fast. But this is still cheap considering some other liposuction prices.

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