The health benefits of vitamin B2

May 20, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is a soluble in water vitamin that is found in milk, egg yolk, liver, heart, pork meat, beef, whole grain cereals, some dried fruits like apricots and green vegetables (spinach, broccoli).

In your body vitamin B2 can be found in muscles and the retina, playing a central role in adapting your eye-sight to the outside luminosity. Other health benefits of vitamin B2 are: the regulating of the carbohydrates and amino acids metabolism (it lowers the blood sugar level) transforming them into energy, it has a benefic effect on the skin, hair, nails and intestines. Vitamin B2 is also an antioxidant and influences the reproductive system, growth and the level of hemoglobin in your organism.


Riboflavin is recommended in mouth inflammations, skin diseases, headaches, asthma, muscular cramps, stress, hard times at adapting to night sight, arthritis, slow growth in children.

The daily recommended dose of vitamin B2 for a healthy adult is of 1.5-1.8 mg. Pregnant women need more vitamin B2 daily. Also women that breast feed, are on the pill and all stressed people should increase their daily consumption of vitamin B2.

The lack of vitamin B2 form your organism, a really rare occurrence, is manifested under the form of tongue, lips and skin lesions, psychic disturbances, eye-sight and swallowing problems, a low resistance to infections and intoxications, anemia and anorexia.

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