The Best Diet Food is Healthy Natural Food

July 13, 2010

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If food is your best friend, it’s also your worst enemy.~Edward “Grandpa” Jones

Food can be your greatest ally or worse enemy. It can help you lose weight and be healthy, or make you fat and mega unhealthy. That is why it is very important to be very picky and choose when to comes to what you eat. Food is the best medicine you can offer your body, so don’t feed it poison.

Healthy natural food is harder and harder to find nowadays. Not impossible, just harder. Some, like my parents even started to grow their own food. My parents have a full blown farm. They grow their own tomatoes and veggies, and even their own chickens and turkeys. And let me tell you, home gown veggies and chicken have nothing to do with what you find in the supermarket. Nothing at all. Healthy natural food is a whole lot tastier and sometimes more chewy, especially the chicken meat.

Having experienced the drastic difference between what I can buy at the supermarket and how home grow food really tastes and is, I started reading the labels a lot closer. Reading the labels is a must if you want to avoid all kind of surprises. The major food companies are each day trying to sneak something new in that will increase their bottom line, even if it means putting at risk the general public.

Anything that has an expiration date in the order of months, even years can’t be healthy. I have baked cookies and they never lasted more than a couple of days. Some of the cookies you can buy can last several years. I wonder how they do it? I am sure they have a secret recipe filled with chemicals that I can’t buy at the local supermarket.

The best diet food that you can eat is the food that doesn’t come with a label: apples, tomatoes, lettuce, oranges, grapefruits, cabbage… All fruits and vegetables are kind of healthy. I say kind of healthy because the farmers are catching up and using more and more chemicals while producing their crops. And who can blame them. The world economy is forcing them to do so. If they want to survive and feed their family, they have to use chemicals to grow bigger crops faster.

Of course there are the exceptions, the organic farmers that grow organic food. It is a little more expensive but worth the investment. Eating organic food is a lot cheaper than the drugs you will have to buy if you keep eating chemical filled foods. The money you invest today in your health, by eating healthy natural food, will yield lots and lots of healthy benefits in the future for you.

Organic food is also the best kind of food you can use in your weight loss diet plan. It is the best diet food without doubt. Your body know how to process natural food. The reduction in the intake of chemicals will help your body detox itself. This in turn will speed up your fat burnings while supplying your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

If you have the opportunity visit an organic farm near your city. Take a tour to make sure that the food is truly organically grown. After that ask them form where can you buy their products, and become a loyal customer.

Just by experiencing the rich flavor and taste of an organic meal you will be able to separate the fakes from the genuine healthy natural food. You will never be fooled again.

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