The Reese Witherspoon Diet Is All About Healthy Living

July 31, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

When you look at Reese Witherspoon you won’t believe that she actually is the mother of two children. She just looks fabulous. So how exactly does Reese Witherspoon keep her figure?

Reese Witherspoon diet is based on the 5 factor diet. She gets to eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish. She also eats whole grains to make sure she gets all the dietary fibers she needs. Throughout the day Reese Witherspoon eats 5 healthy mini meals. This keeps hunger way. She also has no need to fight against cravings, because she can eat whatever she likes, as long as she remembers to eat just a small amount of that food.

Reese Witherspoon has a very down to earth approach to dieting and weight loss. She once said to the press “I have cellulite and stretch marks. Here in Hollywood we are as if engaged in a never-ending race, where you cannot be a winner. So I just want to be a better version of myself.” Being a better version of oneself is a goal worth striving for, a healthy goal that will prevent you from making lots of mistakes.


When it comes to exercising, Reese Witherspoon is a fan of toning exercises. To keep her body looking good she does lots of exercises using little or no weight. This helps her keep the muscles toned without making them bulgy. “I try to exercise every day. I like to run for about an hour and I’m big into working out with my girlfriends.” said Reese Witherspoon. She also likes jogging, Kundulini yoga and pays tennis.

During her breakup from Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon used exercising and physical activity as an efficient way to deal with her anxiety. And it worked big time. She soon got back in fabulous shape and her spirits were up also. A good intense workout can be a great way to deal with the stress and anxiety from your life.

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