Reasons for no weight loss after years of struggling

May 4, 2009

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And what you can do to start losing weight


There are people that are on a permanent weight loss diet and still cannot lose weight. Some live on a concentration camp food regime and the fat still keeps coming on and sticking to them. This is a real tragedy through which hundreds of thousands, even millions suffer all over the world. It is painful making extraordinary efforts to lose weight, eating only foods that help weight loss, renounce fatty foods, and still getting fat regardless of effort.

There are several causes for uncontrollable weight gain. You have to understand them and then to get on to solving them. But you should also know that some hormonal unbalances are really hard to treat and you will be fighting an uphill battle. If you put your mind to it I am sure you can do it, and lose weight.


There are many reasons that might explain why someone, after years of dieting, just cannot lose weight effectively. Some even gain weight while dieting. Here are the reasons:
-Hormonal imbalances: many suffer from hormonal imbalances. Women are especially prone to them after giving birth, hormonal treatments and menopause.
-Changes occurred to the metabolism, the slowing down of burnings: this happens usually because of psychological motives like psychological traumas, long term stress, depressions…
-The bad functioning of your endocrine glands: for example stress affect the functioning of your thyroid gland. Hypothyroid slows down the weight loss process, even if you are on a severe diet, and favors the accumulation of pounds and creates a series of imbalances in your body.
– Weight loss pills used in excess: weight loss pills can have many negative side effects, including the modification of your metabolism. You should read really carefully all the information accompanying the weight loss pills before taking any.
-The intoxication of your body and blocking it with medicaments: some medicaments can throw your body in a weight gain mode really fast: antidepressants, sleeping pills, birth control pils, estrogen, medicaments based on cortisone.
– Foods full of food additives: already made foods bought from the supermarket are full of food additives, sugars and hidden fats. All of them work together to make sure you get fatter and never lose weight
– The lack of physical activities: working out frequently is a must if you want to lose weight and keep it of forever. So go out and find yourself a good gym and start sculpting a sexier body.

Here is some practical advice on what you can do to finally start losing weight:

  • -analyze the causes mentioned above and try to figure out where your situation would fit. Usually you will realize you fit more than one reason of being unable to shed weight.
  • -try to eliminate at least some of the reasons that keep you fat and make your lifestyle unhealthy.
  • -stop thinking all the time about losing weight. Also go and speak to your doctor about getting off your medication and the steps you have to take to achieve that goal.
  • -find a good nutritionist that will give you a diet adapted to the needs of your body.
  • -it is a good idea to keep a detoxification diet by eating for 7 to 10 days only fruits, vegetables, fresh natural juices, herb teas. After the detoxification diet try a diet under the supervision of a specialized medic.
  • -after night fall eat only fruits, low fat yogurt and raw salads.

Whatever you do just don’t isolate yourself from others. Go out and have fun. Join weight loss support groups that have reported and proven success in helping its members lose weight. You don’t want a pity party but you should desire results.

Movement is very important for a successful weight loss plan. Physical activity is a must and even walking for one to two hour daily is a great workout. Working out will make your spirit soar and you will start enjoying life more.

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