Indulge Your Food Cravings to Lose Weight

July 6, 2010

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Avoid any diet that discourages the use of hot fudge.~Don Kardong

A good healthy diet is a must if you want to lose weight. Every diet tells you to stop eating junk food. The truth isn’t as simple as that. We are humans, and craving can drive us mad. Indulging your cravings form time to time is a must if you want to successfully lose weight.

Many people fall into this trap: they go on a starvation diet, resist all their cravings and manage to lose some weight. Then , once the diet is over and they get the results they want, it’s party time. All restrictions are off and they indulge in lots of unhealthy foods.

And what do they eat. All the forbidden foods that they craved during the diet. That is not the way to diet and lose weight. The best way to diet is to allow yourself to indulge your craving from time to time.

Let’s say you succeeded to stick to your diet for 3 days. Your cravings are really kicking in. This is a great opportunity to reward yourself for sticking to your diet plan and indulge your cravings at the same time. Go buy the food you desire most. Sit down and take pleasure eating it. Reward yourself for your good dieting behavior.

Since your craving isn’t as strong, you could even some of your craved food uneaten. This will strengthen your willpower. It will tell your brain that you are the master of your food, not its slave. By doing so you will form healthy eating habits that will help you stay thin after the diet. Your cravings will lose their hold on you and you will be a lot happier.

If you have to lose a lot of weight, indulging your food cravings is a must. To lose a lot of weight, more than 30 pounds, you have to invest a lot of time. You can’t do it super fast in a healthy way. It is very likely that your food cravings will crumble your willpower and make you binge. To avoid this take the preemptive strike and indulge your cravings form time to time.

Also if by some chance you binge eat, it doesn’t mean that your weight loss plan is a failure. The next day start again, following your weight loss plan. Nobody follows a long term weight loss plan out the gate. You will fail. What count is picking yourself up and starting again.

You should also learn from your mistakes so next time you will know exactly what to do to stop binge eating. Basically indulging your cravings once a week should do it. If needed do it more often and as time passes reduce the frequency.

A diet plan that says that you can’t indulge your cravings is a folly in my opinion. It isn’t humanly possible. It requires too much willpower. It is better to soothe the food craving beast, than try to kill it. It’s much more efficient.

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