Children Who Eat From Snack Vending Machines Face Chronic Health Issues

September 4, 2010

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You know the scenario. Kids stay up late in front of the computer, can’t get up early enough and so they skip breakfast in an effort to get to school on time. And since homemade lunches aren’t what the cool kids eat, then what else is there left?

Vending machines are the only easy choice left. And they’re an irresistible choice at that, especially for a hungry kid who has seen al of the cool snack commercials. Ice cold cola, muffins, potato chips, chocolate bars, hot dogs, sandwiches, hamburgers …mmmmm must look like heaven indeed.

Under these circumstances how can the poor hungry, sleepy and overly tempted kid resist them? They most don’t stand a chance. But change must come from somewhere

Well, here the change must come from the parents. If u can, make sure he goes to sleep earlier at night. Even if they refuse or argue they have “stuff to do” just drag’em outta bed early in the morning. Make them a healthy breakfast. Eat together and make sure he gets to school on a full stomach.

This is just the first step but the elusive enemy still awaits at school, and has 5 to 8 hours time a day to corrupt your child. I’m talking about the wicked vending machine. As the hours from breakfast slowly but surely pass by, the kid is more hungry and hungry. Giving into temptation is just a matter of time

”What can us parents do Andrew?” you ask.

Easy, just sneak in some healthy lunches into his backpack. For starters go with what he likes. Get him some high fiber biscuits and a muffin. If you can add an apple in there to. As time passes and he gets more used to eating your lunch, just make it healthier. Pack in more fruits and less processed foods. One very important item to put into their backpacks is a bottle of water.

Also bribery is very effective. Keep on giving him the same amount of lunch money that you always did, but argue that if he eats your lunch and keeps the money, he’ll be able to spend more during the weekend with his friends in the mall or wherever.

One important detail. Don’t pack the lunch in such a way that it looks homemade else the kid will probably have to hide to eat it, or just pass it up. Also don’t try to make it cool either. Your definition of cool is probably way different than theirs. If you can, ask your kid how to pack it, or what fruits he wants.

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