Emotional eating: the relation between your mood and eating

May 12, 2009

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A very important part to consider when it comes to weight loss is the relation between your mood and eating. Emotional eating occurs on many occasions, usually generated by bad feelings. An important number of studies have shown that your appetite can be stimulated and increased by feelings like worry, frustration, anger, hostility, guilt or low self-esteem. Eating can be for some a way to comfort themselves and surpass bad emotional times.

An extremely interesting fact is that hunger plays a small role when it comes to the quantity of food you eat. Usually the problem starts in the childhood when your mother especially conditions you to eat everything from the plate. All kind of tactics and threats are used to make you eat all your food. That’s a good way to learn bad eating habits and ensure a fatty future for most kids.


It did not matter if you were hungry or not. You had to eat everything from the plate. In time the need to eat everything from the plate gets rooted in your mind. Some cannot conceive not eating the whole meal even if they are full. At maturity the same habit still lives in you, making you fill the plate and eat it all. It is a way of reliving your childhood experiences and the care free life you had back then.

If you truly want to lose weight you have to set emotional eating into your past. Make a promise to yourself to do everything into your power to ensure you grow up when it comes to your eating habits. Get healthy eating habits that will make you healthier and skinnier.

For example when you eat your meal eat a small portion. If after 5 minutes you still feel hungry you can eat another small portion of food. The satiety signal is sent by your stomach to your brain only after 20 minutes after you have eaten. So wait a while before starting to eat again.

In the childhood of many sweets were the greatest treat and recompense we could get. So it is logical that now, as a grownup with its own money you can indulge in as many sweets as you can. After all you have done your bed in the morning and brushed your teeth so some candy for you good behavior is required. You get used to rewarding yourself with sweets. Because of all the positive feeling attached to sweets they are a great way to make the bad feeling go way fast but not forever.

Emotional eating has to stop if you want to lose weight and stay fit. Learn how to eat healthy and indulge your cravings at the same time.

Also learn How to distinguish between emotional hunger and physical hunger.

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