Learn how to reward yourself to lose weight

May 12, 2009

Health & Motivation

Rewarding yourself is not a bad thing when the prizes are chosen having in mind the desired outcome. A person that wants to lose weight can buy as a reward some much desired fitness equipment instead of eating a bunch of junk food.

A good way to motivate yourself to get on the path of weight loss and stay on it is reading weight loss success stories. Studies have shown that persons that read a lot of magazines containing weight loss advice don’t actually lose weight because they don’t get any role models to emulate. You need someone who has walked the path and can give you tips and pointers of what to expect and what to do. You should find an example of someone that has lost weight and kept their new sexy figure. If you know someone from your social circle go out with that person. Befriend that person and find out what it has done to get results. If you don’t know anybody contact me with your questions and I will do my best to answer them.


Getting back to the rewarding mechanism you should know that there are thousands of ways to reward yourself besides food. For example after a long, hard and fruitful day at work take a long stroll in the park instead of eating a chocolate. Take your loved one with you and make it a romantic healthy walk for both of you. Seeing your lover or friends helps lower the amount of stress you feel. If your friends are a source of stress change them fast. It will do miracles for your health.

Keep in mind the fact that any food reward that you give yourself, even if it is healthy, will only increase the gap between you and your desired outcome, losing weight.

If needed go and seek medical advice form a good doctor that has had results in weight loss. Ask for success stories and go meet those persons if possible. Join a support group that is useful, not a cry me a river one, where every meeting is a pity party.

Have fun and enjoy life. Go out and do the things that you have always dreamt of doing. Start with the little ones that are achievable fast. That way you will boost your self-confidence and take bigger leaps of faith. Life is a marvelous thing when you actually spend it on something worthy.

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