Yogurt Health Benefits: the nutrition value of yogurt

July 2, 2009

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Everybody should eat at least two times per week yogurt. I am talking about classic yogurt, no fruits or other stuff added to it. If it’s low fat the better. Yogurt is a food that brings to your body lots of healthy benefits, improving your general health. Anybody, anywhere can eat yogurt. It is tasty and refreshing and healthy.

Yogurt is a fermented food obtained by adding lactic bacteria in milk. The sugar from the milk is transformed in lactic acid. That is how yogurt gets is sour flavor and its texture. Because it is a healthy and light food, you can eat yogurt as a snack between meals or you can combine it with other foods and create a meal. For example you can eat yogurt in the morning with cereals, fruits or seeds.

Studies have shown that yogurt, because of its lactic bacteria that it contains, has the capability to increase your life expectancy. The older you grow the more you should consume yogurt on a daily basis. The lactic bacteria fortify your immune system, helps your digestion, prevent constipation and have a positive impact on your intestinal flora. That is why yogurt is good at preventing ulcer and colon cancer.


Yogurt is a fabulous source of calcium, phosphor, iodine, vitamin B2, B5 and B12. Yogurt has a high contents in proteins, potassium, zinc and molybdenum (a metal that helps you burn fats and carbohydrates faster). One cup of yogurt that has few fats, less than 245 grams, has about 150 calories.

A study has shown that women that have vaginal infections should eat yogurt because it helps them get rid of the infections. Yogurt is really good at alleviating or curing vaginal infections. A group of women that were suffering often form vaginal infections ate daily 250 grams of yogurt for 6 months. The frequency of vaginal infections was 3 times lower at the end of the 6 months of eating yogurt daily.

Yogurt also reduces the level of the bad cholesterol and increases the level of the good cholesterol. Just 100 grams of yogurt eaten daily increases the good cholesterol and lowers the bad cholesterol in your body. This is the conclusion reached after a scientific study.

Those that have high blood pressure should eat yogurt. Through its high content of potassium and calcium your blood pressure can be brought under normal limits. The importance of potassium and in your body for the good functioning of your heart is very well known. Make sure your body gets all the potassium and calcium it needs. Eat more yogurt.

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