Eat Citrus Fruits to Lose Weight and Get Healthy

July 2, 2009

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Lemmon is a fabulous fruit. Your immune system will be strengthened by the vitamins and minerals contained in lemons. Lemons contain vitamin C, A, B, phosphor, iron, manganese, silicon… Lemons are good at curing and alleviating rheumatism, gout, ulcer, arteriosclerosis, aphathae, many infections, fever, colds, asthenia… Following a lemon diet or eating lemons often will make you much healthier.

Oranges have many health benefits. Anybody that has hepatic , stomach, renal or intestine health problems should consider eating more oranges. Oranges cure fatigue and insomnia, and also help cure headaches.

Because of their high contents of vitamin C, grapefruits are good if you suffer from gum problems, like gum bleeding. Also grapefruits are good at alleviating bone, neck, cold and flu pain and aches. Vitamin C is the one that strengthens your immune system the most. As a warning eating grapefruits isn’t recommended if you are taking antibiotics or antidepressants.


Lemons are great for weight loss. You can lose a couple of pounds in just a few days. Every morning drink the juice form 1-2 lemons. You can drink the juice as it is or you can mix it with water and honey. If you eat one lemon you should drink 2-3 cups of water. For 3 lemons you need to drink 8 cups of water.

For better results losing weights you should drink 30 minutes before eating a meal the juice from half a grapefruit. You should combine the lemon diet with the grapefruit diet. You can prepare a lemon and grapefruit tea and drink one glass of it just before eating a meal. Not hard. Boil in half a litter of water 2-3 lemons and 2-3 grapefruits that have been sliced. If you want you can add some honey too at the end.

You can switch the grapefruits with oranges. You can switch any citrus fruit between each other and drink its juice 30 minutes before eating a meal. That way you will lose some inches from around your waistline. If you keep doing this you can even lose 30 pounds in time. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Besides losing weight the citrus fruits will help you detoxify your body. You will also feel refreshed because of all the vitamins and minerals that citrus fruits contain.

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