The Soy Health Benefits: get healthy eating soy

June 24, 2009

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Soy is a very popular vegetable around the world. In Asia soy it is a star for centuries. Many have experienced the health benefits of soy. You can buy soy in different forms form the store: tofu, soy milk, miso, soy flour, tempeh… Soy is a fabulous source of proteins, fibers and minerals. It contains iron, phosphor, magnesium, potassium, omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin B2 and vitamin K.

Scientists have concluded that some components from soy stop the packing of food in time. Thus you maintain your figure because your body produces less fats because of soy. Just one portion of soy has 40mg of isoflavonoids in it, the substance that fights against fats. Unfortunately soy sauce doesn’t have any isoflavonoids in it.

Eating frequently soy is a great way to increase your bone density. Soy is especially recommended to women who are approaching menopause and wish to reduce the chance of ever getting osteoporosis. Also soy helps reduce the level of cholesterol if it is eaten frequently. Usually you should eat soy once a day or a couple of times every week for at least 6 months to get all the health benefits of soy.


A study made by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition analyzed the health benefits offered by soy. It was observed that eating soy nuts lowers blood pressure and protects your heart form problems. The proteins form soy also increases the quantity of nitric oxide form your blood which regulates the flow of blood in your body.

The proteins form soy have the same qualities as those taken from meat or any other animal foods. The fabulous news is that soy doesn’t increase your cholesterol level, has fewer calories and it gives you omega 3 fatty acids and lots of minerals.

Soy is recommended for the health of the gastrointestinal zone. It prevents colon cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer. Soy is also good for persons who have type 2 diabetes because the fibers and proteins from soy prevent the rise of the blood sugar.

From now on when you go to the supermarket make sure you have on your list some soy foods. If you find soy flour you can use it to replace white flour. Soy milk can replace milk and you can eat your cereals with soy milk. Experiment with soy in your cooking and have fun inventing new healthy delicious foods.

Soy is really healthy and it has many health benefits. I recommend you eat more. If you don’t really like it you should still figure out a way to make it eatable. Be healthy.

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