8 Healthy Eating Rules

June 24, 2009

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1) You must eat 3 meals per day. If you can you should eat them exactly at the same hour daily. You have to arrange your life and daily schedule to include enough time for you to enjoy your meals.

2) Between the meals you can eat two snacks. You can eat one healthy snack between breakfast and lunch and another between lunch and supper.

Roughly after 3 hours have passed since your breakfast or lunch you can eat a snack. There should be a 2 hour space between the snack and the next meal. The snack should usually be made of lots of fruits. Avoid eating junk food, sandwiches or pastries. Just fruits. Usually it is recommended to eat just one type of fruit. The good news is that you can eat as many fruits as you want. If you want an apple you can eat not just one but two, three, four… as many as you want. But you can have different fruits for the two snacks.

3)Avoid eating foods that are highly processed. Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits. Everything that you buy form the store that has been processed isn’t anymore in its natural state and you should not eat it. Don’t eat canned food. Food should be as simple and as close as possible to its natural state.


4)Meat is much more healthy grilled or boiled. Avoid eating fried meat.

5)The best bread you can eat is whole grain bread. Make the right choice by eating healthy bread.

6)Drink fresh natural juices. Stop drinking unhealthy soft drinks, especially cola juices. Drink lots of water.

7)Eat raw salads at every meal if possible, and especially for lunch and supper. Use virgin olive oil and lemon juice in your salads.

8)Whenever you have the chance use virgin olive oil in your cooking.

Start by implementing one of these healthy eating ideas a week and in no time you will have much healthier eating habits. I wish you luck.

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