The Short Unhealthy Foods List

Most of our daily unhealthy foods have a negative effect on our bodies, even if some have a less perceivable effect on a short term basis, in the long run we still end up suffering their effects. Foods should be considered risky or even dangerous if they are full of empty calories.

For example foods that have a high caloric count but very low nutritional value if any at all are super unhealthy foods. The best examples to fit this category of unhelathy foods are donuts. One small donut brings in a whapping 200 calories into your system, most of it derived from refined sugars and fats. And let’s face it, who can stop at just one donut?

The unhealthy foods list continues with foods that contain little if any fibers for your body. White bread baked from extra white refined flour fits this category like a hat. Two normal slices of white bread contain only 1 gram of fibers, way less than what you can get from two slices of whole wheat bread.

And let’s not forget about chips, and I’m not talking about the England’s fried potato that’s served with fish, I’m talking about thin sliced crispy, tasty, salty flavored chips. One average potato processed this way brings is a whapping 5 times more calorie. Daily consumption results in overweight to obesity to metabolic syndrome, namely high blood pressure, heart issues, diabetes and cancer.

Besides all these fun afflictions, chips also induce hyperactivity and affect concentration, especially in kids. All this being said, even though they know chips are dangerous, kids continue to eat them because they are tasty. They should know that even thou they are crispy and tasty, they contain lots of sugars and fats, have a high caloric density of over 500 calories per 100 grams, way more that the potato itself.

And let’s not forget about so called “soft drinks”. Nothing soft about the afflictions they cause. They contain citric acid and phosphoric acid. I recommend you make your own fresh squeezed drinks at home, or soft drinks by adding syrup in carbonated water.

Scientists from the university of Rochester New York warn consumers that soft drinks are very harmful for Enamel (the white part of teeth), in time destroying it 84%. Also their studies have shown that soft drinks nullify the effects of some painkillers and even antibiotics. A truly unhealthy food.

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