The fitness partner: the importance of having a workout partner

April 15, 2009

Health & Motivation

You have made your mind up to go to the gym. You subscribed. You have prepared your equipment. But have you found a fitness partner? You might laugh but having a workout partner is almost as crucial like having the right shoes.

We all know that when it comes to working out the hardest thing to do is to get up from the couch and get to work. Isn’t it? But imagine if you had someone, a fitness partner, to get you moving and on the right healthy track. That way you would be sure to workout because it would drastically reduce the reasons not to workout. A workout partner will get you motivated especially if a lack of motivation is your week point. And the best part is that fitness is more fun in two.


What fitness partner do you need?

-If you lack motivation, you hate effort and don’t really enjoy working out. If you go to the gym only because you must, with a chronic lack of pleasure (for the moment at least). If you aren’t a fitness fan, even if it is healthy for you, you need a friend. Someone that will help you find out the healthy path through life and help you get rid of all the stupid motives for not working out, but someone who will not treat you with an air of superiority.

-If you are an energetic person and enjoy a good competition, you need a competitor that will challenge you. You need to find a fitness partner that will push you and make you exceed your limits. To keep you engaged while working out. Probably you love working out but you should also experience the pleasure of surpassing your own limits, while helping your fitness partner exceed his limits also.

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