7 reasons people use to avoid working out

April 10, 2009

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If you want to have a fit body and to keep it fit you have to workout regularly. And also when you workout you have to really workout and not pretend to workout. Everyone is excited when they start working out and believes that they will stick with the program. The truth is that few of us have the follow through willpower to really stick to the workout schedule

Here is a list of the 7 most frequent reasons used to avoid working out and how to get past them:


1.Commodity is the single most frequent hidden reason why people avoid working out. The health of your body ensures your future. If you want to have a fabulous future then you better get with the program and workout. Do you want a healthy lifestyle? Then you have to create a workout schedule and stick to it.

2.”I’ll do it tomorrow” This is the mother of all excuses. You can use it for anything that you never intend to do. It’s so easy on you. When it comes to your health you should never postpone anything and you have to keep your word to yourself. If you postpone a workout for tomorrow you will postpone the already postponed workout even more. All you have to do is prove to yourself that you have ambitions and that you really want to live a healthy life.

3.”I don’t have the time. I am so busy!” Without effort and willpower you can never advance in this world. You know you have the time but you are too lazy. Start small, with walking. Go for a 20 minute walk every day, take the stairs not the elevator. Instead of taking the bus to the next stop walk.

4.”I am ashamed to go to the gym” Why? Do you feel good as you look? Don’t you think it’s more important to start living healthy than to listen to what others might gossip about you. You will be surprised to find out that the gym isn’t full only with good looking persons. There are other people there that are overweight and want to lose weight just like you. And the best part is that in no time you can be a member of the sexy looking crowd.

5.”I can’t afford to pay subscription” Going to the gym or practicing some sports costs but there are options for every wallet. You have to understand that you need physical exercise and movement. Walking and jogging doesn’t cost a thing. You can bicycle, rollerblade or skateboard. Use your imagination and you can find hundreds of low budget workout solutions.

6.”I can be fit without working out” Being fit means to be healthy. And being healthy can’t be done only by dieting. You need to workout. Having a good nutrition and physical activity work hand in hand to make you healthy. You need them both to be in peak condition.

7.”I don’t have with whom to go and workout.” You are right. Having a workout partner makes the whole thing more fun and engaging. A partner can help you overcome all the previous reasons and make you stick to the workout schedule. Well this is a great opportunity to deepen a friendship bond. If you have a friend that works out regularly you can join him. If you don’t know someone you can befriend someone at the gym. That way you will have someone that will keep you company on the path to a more healthy life.

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