Why you must drink water when you workout

April 10, 2009

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Drinking water while working out is not optional but obligatory.

Personally I don’t understand how someone can resist even a 15 minutes cardio workout without drinking water. If you lose too much water through perspiration while working out you will start to feel dizzy and a light fainting feeling takes over. Our bodies are made out of water in a proportion of 70% and we don’t want to lose that percentage of out body weight. During your normal day, especially if you are doing lots of physical activities, your body will lose water perspiration, urine and so one. To keep your health top notch you have to replace the water you have lost as soon as possible. Every day you should drink at least 8 to 10 cups of water. Water plays a crucial role in the transportation of nutritional substances to the internal organs that need them. Water also helps out your digestion, increases your metabolism, helps the blood flow easily and keep the body temperature under normal limits. Without the presence of water your body would just stop to function and you would die.


it is extremely important to drink water while you are working out. You are sweating and dehydrating yourself. You have to replace the lost quantities of water so that you don’t damage your health. Also water helps you achieve a fruitful workout. The muscles of a dehydrated body are deprived of electrolytes. The muscles are controlled by nerves and their stimulation and the contraction of your muscles is realized through the electrolyte exchange that takes place in water. Without water these exchanges don’t have a good environment which leads to weakness and a certain lack of control over the muscles.

The signs of possible dehydration are:

  • -a dry throat and dry coughing
  • -a sensation of stomach burn
  • -muscular cramps -tiredness
  • -headaches and dizziness
  • -dry skin
  • -cold hands and feet
  • -an intense colored urine with a strong smell. If your body receives all the water it needs then your urine should be almost without color and smell.

Is it possible to drink too much water

Yes it is possible. Drinking too much water can be bad for you especially if you are on a strict diet or fasting. Your body needs salts and water is the one that dissolves all the salts eliminating them from your body. There have been cases of professional athletes in peak condition who have died because of excess water drinking. They died because all the water intake flushed all the salts from their bodies. As a general rule everybody should drink 8 to 10 cups of water every day. If you are on a diet you can drink 4-5 more cups. But going for the record of drinking 20 cups of water daily it’s not good for you body. Listen to your body and you will know the right answer always.

The benefits of drinking water are:

  • -water regulates your appetite
  • -water helps your metabolism
  • -water hydrates your skin
  • -water increases your level of energy
  • -water reduces the cholesterol level
  • -drinking water in quantities necessary for your body disengages the water retention mechanism of your body
  • -water helps out with the flushing out of toxins from your body
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