The Eva Longoria Diet for a Smoking Hot Body

September 8, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Eva Longoria is hot. If you watch just a couple of episodes from Desperate Housewives you will more likely than not find yourself pondering: what is her secret for looking so hot at 30+ years. The short answer would be lots and lots of work, but I know you won’t be satisfied with that. So here is how Eva Longoria keeps her body looking smoking hot.

Eva Longoria loves eating fruits and vegetables. But she isn’t crazy about keeping a strict diet. The key to her diet is moderation, as she herself confessed: "I’m not obsessed with my diet," says Eva. "I love fish and vegetables, but I love my cheeseburgers and pizza, too! Everything in moderation is fine."

Eva has a very healthy diet, even if she splurges form time to time. She eats lots of fruits and vegetables which help her maintain her figure super easy. According to Eva” I’m just lucky that everything I like is good for you. I could eat vegetables all day long. I like fish and meat. I don’t really like carbs. I love fruit, yogurt and nuts.”


Even so Eva Longoria likes to eat pizza twice a week and her secret pleasure are chocolate chip cookies. Her mother used to treat her with chocolate chip cookies and that habit remained with her to this day. According to Eva Longoria, indulging your craving is ok: "I know my body craves what it needs, and sometimes it needs pizza!"

"I’m Mexican, so I cook all the time," she says. "I eat a lot, but I love vegetables. I love spinach and I love brussel sprouts. I eat vegetables with every meal."

Eva Longoria isn’t your average star when it comes to weight loss and fitness. She is a former aerobics instructor and has a degree in kinesiology from Texas A & M University-Kingsville. Kinesiology is the study of how your body moves. This makes Eva Longoria somewhat of an expert on being fit. But still she uses a personal fitness trainer to keep her on track and motivated.

When Eva Longoria realized she will be portraying a sexy character on screen she knew she had to get in shape fast. She already was looking great, but the revealing clothes she had to wore on screen motivated her to go the extra mile. According to her “I knew Gabrielle would be a sexy role, but I didn’t realize how much lingerie I’d be wearing!"

To keep her body looking hot, Eva Longoria exercises 4 times a week for 1 hour each time. Her exercise routine is a mix of cardio and strength training. Because Eva has ADD the job of her personal instructor is to come up with new and entertaining workout routines that are also efficient.

"I have ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder] when it comes to working out, so my trainer changes it every day. I do kickboxing one day and cardio another, and weight training and yoga. Every day it changes, so I don’t get used to anything," said Eva Longoria

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