The Best Quick Weight Loss Diet Plan

March 10, 2010

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Is your friends weeding coming up and you want to turn some heads at the reception, or you want that cute guy from accounting to finally notice you or do you just want to feel good in your own skin here is a quick weight loss diet made especially for that. This quick weight loss diet will provide you with quick and noticeable results in no time.

Let’s get it started on the path of quick weight loss

I’ve heard this diet form a friend who’s doing martial arts. He uses this quick weight loss diet as a way to get to his target weight and feel comfortable in his own body sooner. So although physical exercise isn’t strictly necessary it wouldn’t hurt to go out for a 10 minute jog, a 20 minute walk or a 30 minute stroll with a friend or loved one.


The first thing you need to do is to note on a piece of paper all the healthy and unhealthy foods you usually eat in a week in 2 separate columns (and don’t cheat by putting hot dogs, corn dogs, chips or chocolate on the healthy side; the more honest you are with yourself the better the results you get). Once the list is done rip the unhealthy side of the list and throw it away. Always keep the healthy foods list with you. It will serve as a quick weight loss diet plan from now on. Next scan the list for things that you might have accidentally put on your list so don’t forget to cut these off too. Here are some foods that should never be found on your healthy food list:

  • bread (any type of bread; except graham bread which is permitted in small quantities. You can always replace it with cheese)
  • potatoes (they’re vegetable, I know, but their high caloric value would only sabotage your efforts.)
  • fried ………………..(all fried foods are filled with trans-fats which increase your cholesterol level, decrease your metabolism speed and increase your fat reserves; you should focus on how to increase your metabolism)
  • alcohol (well first people like you more when you’re sober, and second alcohol constricts the blood vessels, decreases your pulse, and slows down your fat burning process)

The main rules of this quick weight loss diet plan are:

  1. set 3 hour a day aside for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (you can skip breakfast every once in a while in case you in a rush to get out of the house, but try not to miss it more than once a week). Also try to always eat around the same time (this will prepare your body for the digestive process beforehand, increasing fat burning speed)
  2. calculate your normal daily caloric intake, and subtract 500 from it; that’s your new max caloric limit. Don’t go pass the limit or that day will be a weight loss wasted.
  3. eat a lot of dairy products, and replace bread with cheese( not only will it enhance your food’s taste it will also increase your calcium levels and metabolic activity)
  4. eat lots of fruits and vegetables instead of fatty foods.
  5. bake goods are a definite no, they will set you back 2-3 days
  6. set short term goals and once you’ve achieved them reward yourself with a night of relaxation or an ice-cream (not more than once a month, without any toppings or chocolate; and don’t think just because this is in the reward pile that all the other junk foods are here too. Ice-cream is permitted as a small reward because it’s made with milk, which after the first 2 week of your diet will become easily processable by your body. Just don’t overdo it and remember everything else from the “Unhealthy list” is still restricted).

By following this diet and a small exercise plan you will be amazed at your own results quick weight loss results. You should definitely try the best exercises to lose weight quickly while on this diet. So stop wishing you were thin, become thin.

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