Best Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly

Ever wondered what it would be like to be able to fit in that dress you keep starring at in the shop window? Ever get tired of finding the perfect pair of jeans or skirt and be told by the shop keeper that they don’t have your size? Are you fed up with watching yourself in the mirror and seeing your tummy hanging out? If you are, then you’re already on the path to a better and thinner you just by reading this workout plan which consists of only exercises to lose weight quickly.

The main reason people don’t stick to working out is the lack of time and the absence of results. That’s why I’ve designed this workout routine to go with any diet you may be on so you may get the optimal results in the shortest amount of time, every time. These are the best exercises to lose weight quickly.


Phase 1: Warming up before exercising

Warming up is essential for any workout; it will prepare you the exercises and will reduce the risk of muscle pains and cramps. Stand with your legs apart at about shoulder distance. Rotate your neck clockwise 8 times then reverse. Rotate your upper body towards the sides 8 times while keeping your arms at chest level(this will warm up you back and abdomen). Now for the legs: do 8 sets of squats alternating the leg after each one. Finally return to your starting position and rotate your hands from the shoulder towards the front 8 times, and backwards 8 times.

Phase 2: exercises to lose weight from the waist

The best waist exercise to lose weight it the basic ab crunch. Lay on your back, keeping your body straight with your hands behind your head. Now raise your upper body without supporting your weight on your arms or pulling your head with your hands; try to use only your abdominal muscles. Do 3 sets of 12 reps each. If this exercise become too easy, instead of keeping your legs straight elevate them slightly until you feel your lower abdomen tightening up. This simple and efficient exercise will tone and sculpt your abdominal muscles and also decrease your fat layer. You will get a flat stomach fast by doing these exercises.

Phase 3: exercises to lose weight by exercising your legs and bum

It’s back to basics once again. The best exercises for losing weight in this region are: squats and splits. I’m sure that you’re wondering why I’ve mentioned splits. Don’t worry the reason will become apparent when we get to them, for the moment stand while keeping your legs about a shoulder’s length apart. Now bend your legs and lower your body as much as you can without backing up your bum. Then raise in the same manor. Do 3 sets of 12 repeats each.

Now it’s time for the easy part: stand straight and art your legs as much as you can and lower your body in such a manner that most of your weight is left in the middle so it can push you lower and lower. This may seem simple but it has a very important role; it will stretch, tone and strengthen your lower muscles, it will also make you more agile, graceful, and help you absorb the shocks from running better, drastically decreasing the chances of injury.

The End Phase: the best exercise to lose weight quickly is jogging

This is pretty self explanatory. Just put on a pair of sweat pants, sporty top and a pair of running shoes. Find yourself a nice soft surface to run on (ground or grass) or you can just use the pavement, just make sure it’s close to home (convenience should be a major factor in choosing your running spot). Go for a 10-15 minute daily jog and by the time summer comes you’ll be ready to turn some heads at the poolside.

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