Sienna Miller’s Diet and Exercise Tips: Keeping it Fun

January 8, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

British beauty Sienna Miller has made a name for herself with a string of solid film portrayals and awards. In a short period of time, she has established herself as an actress with real acting chops and also a red carpet fashion icon. Her statuesque 5 foot 7 frame and beautiful, subtle curves has made her One of The World’s Most Beautiful repeatedly. 

"I can be a real pig when it comes to food." She says, smiling. "But of course, I can’t be like that all the time. I love food, but I’ve been cutting back."

Sienna-Miller.jpgSienna Miller’s diet adheres to eating low calorie meals following portion control.  

“I thought, Okay, I’ll drink vodka instead of wine because it has less calories” She says.

Sienna Miller’s diet limits her daily caloric intake based on her height, weight and age. Her diet includes a lot of fruits, lean meats, nuts, seeds and green vegetables.

For Sienna Miller’s exercise routine, she loves doing rope yoga that focus on toning up her abdomen, hips and thighs.

“It’s about toning and stretching rather than calorie burning, and it’s effective in releasing tension,” she says. “I get bored very easily, so I have to find things that are more interesting. I could do with being more toned. It’s small, but it’s not firm.”

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