Sophie Anderton’s Diet and Exercise Tips to Get that Model Figure

January 8, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Reality TV star and model Sophie Anderton really takes good care of her body, and it shows. The 5 foot 9 Gossard Bra model sports a figure worth flaunting, rain or shine. Here, the stunner gladly shares her secrets to that toned physique.

"Exercise and eating healthy." She says promptly. "I’ve been regularly exercising since 2004 and I’ve noticed that my body has totally changed since starting."

Sophie Anderton’s diet follows the low carbohydrate diet that works similarly with the Atkins diet. Her diet plan includes the intake of lean meats, cheeses, healthy fats, and green leafy vegetables while keeping her carbohydrate intake at a minimum. The diet also discourages consumption of highly refined products such as sugar, white flour, and starchy vegetables.


For Sophie Anderton’s exercise routine, she allots 1 hour and 30 minutes of her time everyday to running, allowing her to burn 500 to 1,500 calories an hour. either done outdoors or indoors using the treadmill. 

"I love running, joining marathons." She says. "I’m so blessed living in London, there are all these amazing parks, it really clears my head. Running is very spiritual, I just go off in my own world."

Sophie also visits the gym three times a week, doing cardio workouts and resistance training. Resistance training is actually a form of strength training where every effort is done against an opposing force. Most of the exercises with resistance training are isotonic and isometric since the body parts are holding still against the force. This form of exercise helps Sophie to develop strength plus enhance the size of her skeletal muscles.

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