Shannon Elizabeth’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Eat Healthy and Stay Active

January 8, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Shannon Elizabeth is right up there on the sexiness scale. After wowing all of us in 1999’s American Pie and making men think of doing crazy things for competing on Dancing With the Stars, her exotic looks and killer body has made her one mega-hot babe. Here, the 5 foot 9 tall beauty readily spills on her tips to looking that stunning while being 100% healthy.

"I’m very particular about my diet, hygiene and health habits. " She shares. "I watch what I eat, I don’t want to be putting bad stuff in my body."

Shannon-Elizabeth.jpgShannon Elizabeth’s diet ifollows the Zone diet, which aims to maintain balance in the body’s hormones by eating meals specifically designed to certain criteria. The balanced ratio Zone diet follows is carbohydrates 40%, fat 30% and proteins 30%. 

Her eating plan encourages consumption of fresh, leafy green vegetables, fruits, nuts, enough protein consumption, ant at least 8 glasses of water every day. 

Shannon Elizabeth’s exercise routine, on the other hand, includes walking her dogs, yoga and light weightlifting. She also does the Krav Maga, an Israeli hand to hand combat system which utilizes certain techniques and moves from other forms of martial arts, like jujitsu, judo, and boxing.

"I like being active. It just burns the extra calories right off." She says.

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