Severe Depression in Teenagers Linked to their Appearance

For a long time now it has been obvious to scientists that appearance maters, especially to teenagers. But the direction they were researching it was one sided at best. When it comes to appearance, the closer you get to a person the more defects or qualities you can identify. Even gender can sometimes only be distinguished at a closer look. But there is one trait that can be distinguished as far as the eye can see. I’m talking about a person’s weight.

Scientists have since long pondered on the connection between appearance and severe depression in teenagers. But the way they went about it was wrong. And it’s only just now that they have corrected the mistake.

For a long time now studies have been conducted to clinically deduce how overweight girls and boys feel. Researchers wanted to know if they were troubled by their weight, and if so how troubled are they. They found out that overweight and obese girls were more self conscious about how they looked than boys. 80% of all girls who are overweight know that they are overweight or obese, but only 60% of all they boys who are overweight are self conscious about it. That’s a big difference.

However, the flaw in the study were the normal weighing girls and under weighing boys.

New studies have shown that excessive self consciousness can lead to severe depression in both girls and boys. More and more thin and healthy weighing girls are showing severe depression symptoms. Although they are physically fine, their view of themselves, their perceived self image is so altered by society and beauty standards that they are literally pushed into cases of severe depression.

Underweight boys have it rough too. Some boys grow up slower, or slender, or they grow up so fast that their bodies have less muscle and appear underweight. Even if they are underweight at some point, they must know that they will grow sooner or later and develop normally. But the pressure put on them by the social masculine persona is very painful.

Severe depression in teenagers linked to their appearance is a double edged sword. It manifests in both normal and unhealthy teenagers. What researchers managed to do is prove that what really counts is the persons self image. Improving that self emage will helpt them get out of depression.

And just think about it. There are plenty of people who are overweight and are fine about it. The feel and act normal and go about their lives as usual. In my opinion, if you are within healthy boundaries and can enjoy your life, do it. You don’t need to look like a model. Actually you couldn’t even if you wanted too. Most pictures are digitally altered. And the ones that aren’t benefit from special equipment, makeup and lighting. So there, it’s all fake and unrealistic.

What really matters is that you feel good. As long as you are healthy you should also feel good about yourself. I mean it. If you are healthy, you are part of a lucky minority. Also if you manage to retake control of your life and steer it into a healthier future, more credit to you.

All I’m saying is that at the end of the day, when you’re lying in bed, eyes closed, are you happy with how you look or not? Why, what do you like, and what bothers you? Is the problem realistic and solvable or is it just part of a fantasy?

Please take a few minutes and do a quick mental exercise. Imagine how you look now, and how you’d rather look instead in the near future. And please be realistic, if you want this to work. Think about your qualities and ask yourself why do you want to change the “defects”. Do you want to change for yourself or for others. Do you think you’ll like yourself more or do you think others will like you more?

You get the picture by now. At the end, it’s your self-image that counts, and how you feel about it. And the better you feel about yourself, the better chances you have to work on your qualities and polishing your defects.

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