How to get out of depression using antidepressant foods and other tricks

May 6, 2009

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You don’t have any desire to work. If it were up to you all you would do all day long would be sleeping, hanging around the beach and reading a good but easy book. You find it harder and harder to get out of bed and go to the bathroom in the morning. Don’t fret you aren’t alone. And help is on the way in the next paragraphs.

Here are the symptoms of overworking and chronic tiredness:

  • -a low work efficiency
  • -a greater tolerance and acceptance of mistakes( sounds like overworking is good for us if the boss has it)
  • -difficulty at focusing n a single task
  • -lack of attention when it comes to minor but important details
  • -irritability
  • -slower reaction times to external stimuli
  • -a difficulty at adapting to team work
  • -depressive feelings
  • -low morale
  • -lack of appetite
  • -uncalled weight loss

If you have just a part of this symptoms and you don’t have any more free days form work there is still hope. You can fight back against depression. Based on the principle that you are what you eat it all starts from your nutrition. So one major weapon against depression is the food you eat. All you have to do is eat more antidepressant foods.

Eat foods that are as fresh and full of vitamins as possible. Raw foods are excellent antidepressant foods. Apples , oranges, grapefruits, lemons, mandarins are delicious fruits that are full of vitamin C. Bananas are an important source of potassium even if they are rich in calories also. Whole grain cereals are a constant energy source all day long.

Since you can recognize a good day from how it starts here are some ideas on how to start a perfect day:

  • -get out of bed when the alarm rings. Snoozing for an extra 10 minutes will only help your laziness get worst.
  • -wake up 15 minutes earlier so that you have more time than you usually need for your morning rituals.
  • -prepare yourself a healthy breakfast containing cereals, warm milk, coffee or tea. Breakfast cereals give you energy and are darn tasty too
  • -accessorize your eating area with brightly colored accessories that inspire a happy mood: red or orange cups and plates, cool napkins… Seeing something beautiful in the morning will brighten all your day.
  • -use fruity shower gels to energize you.
  • -don’t forget to take with you a healthy an energizing snack to work. For example an energy bar would be a nice treat during the work hours.
  • -remember to take short breaks from time to time.

If you switch your diet to a raw antidepressant foods diet and use in your daily life just a part of the tricks mentioned here depression won’t stand a chance. I wish you a happy life from now on.

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