Relaxation methods: how to relax really fast

February 3, 2010

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Speak positively to yourself

Speaking positively to yourself influences your ability to handle unforeseen situations; it helps you to react under stress. When you do the opposite- negative thoughts, self-criticism- automatically advances your stress

How to make sure you speak positively to yourself:

  • -Tell yourself positive things every day.
  • -Imagine yourself in a positive situation.
  • -Remember things you did well in the past and what were the consequences.
  • -Make a tape containing yourself saying positive and relaxing things.


Other Relaxation Methods

What do you find relaxing?

  • Dancing, arts, meditation, fishing, reading, music, talking to a friend or sport?
  • What about massage?
  • Maybe yoga or tai chi works for you
  • Herbal teas can help you relax a lot
  • How about a hot candle light bubble bath accompanied by scented sticks.

Think of relaxing things you can do as part as your daily routine or at least as part as your weekend routine. There are relaxation methods that occupy only a few minutes each day. These can be used in different places and locations. For example you can reserve yourself some minutes for relaxation if you feel overcome by job troubles.

  • Breathe deeply- breathe in as deep as possible and the breath out very slowly, concentrating on relaxing your body.
  • Focus your breathing- while breathing give yourself some encouragement:”Relax” or “Stay calm”
  • Lie back- raise your arms above your head, pull on them and lie down, stretch any part of your body that needs it.
  • Do visualizing exercises- imagine a wonderful place in which you feel wonderful.

 A Simple meditation exercise that will help you relax

  • Prepare yourself to stay comfortable and to follow each breath.
  • Start counting after each breath. Breath in-breath out 1, breath in-breath out 2,.. up to 10 then start over. If you lose count start over. To this exercise a couple of minutes and concentrate on the air that goes in and out of your body.
  • In case different thoughts or noises appear in your mind, notice them, let the pass and go back to your exercise.

You cna also do some simple relaxation exercises to relax. For more on this read How to relax in 15 minutes: simple to do relaxation exercises.

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