The benefits of stretching: why you should do more stretching

February 3, 2010

Exercise & Fitness

To always be in shape, I suggest an extremely efficient and easy method which can be done at home, at the gym or at work. I’m talking about stretching. It’s a sport for everyone, which perfectly falls in the slogan ”Sports for everyone”! And the benefits of stretching are many.

Stretching gives you a good muscle tone without exhausting yourself even after the first sessions. Practicing it has evident result after just a couple of sessions, muscles gain a firm and slender aspect. It’s good to know that it can be easily practiced especially by middle aged and elderly or sedentary people who don’t really care for exercise. Generally it doesn’t have counter-indications but the doctor’s approval is important.


The most important benefits of stretching are:

  • Our flexibility and our ability to move go down as we age! Stretching exercises have the role of giving us back our former freedom in motion. Stretching improves flexibility.
  • One of the advantages of stretching is that it can be done anywhere, not just in the gym but at work too
  • It prevents cramps and muscle stretches and helps the body in regenerating after an effort, when the musculature is very tired and sore.
  • People who do this type of exercise don’t need certain sporty qualities nor do they need special devices. A well aired room with lots of warmth and a little music is all you need.
  • Stretching increase muscle mass and an excellent joint mobility.
  • These exercises accompanied by a deep massage and an hour of fitness prevent and even eliminate cellulite, and help burn calories.

For more information on stretching and its benefits you can check out:

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