Losing Weight Quick With The Chocolate Diet: Too Good To Be True?

One of the tastiest fad diet to come onto the scene is the chocolate diet, which is based on studies that have shown chocolate’s beneficial effects on lowering cholesterol and supposedly boost the metabolism.

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The basis of The Chocolate diet is what you’ll be eating. This eating plan was created for chocolate lovers who find it very difficult to lose weight using the traditional means of dieting.

Although the diet doesn’t have strict instructions on how long it is to be followed or how much weight can be lost, Sally Ann Voak, famous creator of the successful Fatfield Diet, swears that a total of 7 pounds can be lost while on the chocolate diet.

The chocolate diet starts with a one-week withdrawal from chocolate designed to curb cravings. Within this period, the dieter is only encouraged to consume what Voak calls as free foods; which are basically low-calorie vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, watercress, tomatoes, mushrooms and carrots.

After one week, individuals will be expected to snack on chocolate-based shakes while maintaining a 1,100 calorie per day limit on their daily meals. Water consumption is encouraged, and intake of sugary, refined foods as well as carbonated beverages and caffeine are prohibited.

A sample daily menu is written below:

  • Breakfast: fresh fruit, shredded wheat, non-fat milk
  • Morning Snack: fruit or air-popped popcorn
  • Lunch: salad
  • Afternoon snack: fruit smoothie made with skim milk
  • Dinner: steamed vegetables or wholewheat pasta
  • Evening snack: 1 ounce of chocolate

The Skinny

Exercise is also recommended in this diet plan, preferably 30 minutes of simple cardio everyday should be performed. A closer look at the chocolate diet reveals it as simply a very low-calorie diet plan that promises quick weight loss by reducing caloric intake and exercise. It just goes to show that one can fit eating a so-called forbidden diet food into a your daily menu while still losing weight.

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