Katie Holmes Diet and Exercise Tips: Working Out to Lose Baby Weight

December 20, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Katie Holmes possesses a mean and buff beach bod. The wife of Hollywood Top Gun, Tom Cruise and mom to their child, Suri, no doubt draws gasps everywhere when she emerges for red carpet events with that pretty face, killer fashion sense and knockout body of hers.

"I grew up in a family of athletes, my parents were really healthy and I learned from them that exercise is really important." Katie says. "After my pregnancy I resolved to lose the extra pounds, I’ve been running and jogging a lot and eating more greens than ever."

katie_holmes.jpgKatie Holmes’ diet follows a low calorie, high protein and low fat eating plan. This kind of diet comes with a daily caloric intake that is set based on the person’s height, weight, and age. 

This eating plan involves taking note of her everyday caloric intake to make sure she does not go beyond her caloric limit. 

"My every day food would consist of a lot of green superfood, steamed tofu or fish." She shares.

For Katie Holmes’ exercise routine, she does 2 hours of cardio exercises everyday and lifts weights for strength and resistance training. Katie also does Pilates to strengthen her muscles, ease back pain, and build up her upper body. 

"I’ve been doing Pilates ever since I gave birth, I just love it, it helped strengthen my core muscles, and I used to have back pain before, and some strains on my body from pregnancy." Katie shares. "Now all of that is gone, it’s great."

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