Kelly Brook’s Diet and Exercise Routines: Feeling Good About Herself

December 20, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

British model and former Playboy covergirl Kelly Ann Parsons is svelte and toned, with all her curves in the right places. The chocolate-eyed stunner has always been famous for her fuller figure, and this has repeatedly earned her the rights of being One of The World’s Most Beautiful.

"I love food too much, some diets just bore me." She says with a laugh. "No, I don’t deprive myself of anything, I’m truly not a skinny girl, but I have all my curves where I want them to be."

kelly-brook.jpgKelly Brook’s diet follows the macrobiotic eating plan based on selecting foods that are less processed and more natural, supported with the belief that cooking destroys the essential enzymes found in the food.

 “I’m a fan of macrobiotics because I love the idea of eating what’s growing in your surroundings – seasonal, organic and whatnot. “ Kelly shares. "But ocassionally, I treat myself to a cheeseburger. I really love cheeseburgers – that’s my biggest weakness."

Kelly s diet encourages her to eat whole grains like brown rice and grain products such as pasta, several cooked and raw vegetables, and bean products such as tofu, sea vegetables, mild natural seasoning, fish, fruit, nuts, seeds, as well as mild beverages. 

The 30-year-old model claims that the first step in looking great is loving yourself, especially your body.

“You need to make what you’re blessed with work for you. It’s so important to learn to love yourself,” She said. "That’s how you should feel when you work out, a sense of fulfillment."

Kelly Brook’s exercise routine includes jogging, cycling, as well as Pilates.

“I look after my body, I love my active lifestyle.” She says. “I like to go for a run, to get my blood pumping. I always feel energized after I’ve done some exercise.”

Kelly Brook’s exercise routine likewise includes the Brook Bum Buster and Hula Hoop. The Brook Bum Buster works out her glutes, hamstrings, lower back, abdominals plus helps in general upper body strength while the Hula Hoop works out her stomach, hip, abdominal wall, pelvic floor, internal and lower back muscles.

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