Is Soft Drinks Consumption What Causes Obesity

Is soft drink consumption what causes obesity? That was the question posed by the American Beverage Association. Members of the association include Coca-cola, Pepsico Inc and Dr. Pepper. The question was posed after demands were made to increase taxes on soft drinks as an effort to stop the obesity epidemic

Soft drink consumption is responsible of 7% of what causes obesity, in the US at least.

A study done in a hospital cafeteria showed that a 35% increase in soft drink prices resulted in dropped sales of 26%. Consumers preferred choosing unsweetened diet drinks or coffee rather than sugary soft drinks or energizing drinks

The high sugar content in soft drinks is not only a cause of the obesity epidemic but also diabetes, strokes and heart diseases. This is very alarming considering that soft drinks target kids and teenagers specifically

The first lady was also very interested in the study results. Michele Obama shortly released a 70 point plan to combat the obesity epidemic in America. One of the points listed was increased taxes on soft drinks.

Personally I agree with the first lady. Soft drinks should be taxed, but just enough to give healthier drinks a chance. More consumers would chose healthier drinks if only they weren’t so expensive, in comparison at least. They know how dangerous and fattening soft drinks are yet still chose them.

And why wouldn’t they choose them. They taste great, they look even better. They have fabulous commercials to make sure we always think of them. And last but not least, they’re addictive. Soft drinks and fast foods are pretty much like cigarettes used to be, cheap and overly available. And just like cigarettes we al know they’re dangerous and we all know the health issues they pose. Yet we all lie to ourselves thinking “that will never happen to me” or “I just like it from time to time and so it’s harmless for me”. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Here, I’ll spell it with capitals. WRONG!


Just like with cigarettes you start off with just one

One burger, on hot dog, on slice of pizza, one glass of cola, on big bottle for a special occasion etc. Then you start buying more and more often without even realizing. Before you know it, you do it weekly, or even worse, daily. You drink less water and more soft drinks. You stop making coffee and choose energizing drinks. You stop eating fruits and vegetables and always go for fast food.


In conclusion I would like to answer the Beverage association. They asked “Is Soft drinks consumption what causes obesity”.

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