Obese Sex Life is Problematic – Studies Show

July 10, 2010

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Researchers in France found out that obesity is closely linked to reduced sexual activity and very poor sexual health. Sexual problems in males range from impotency, sterility and STD’s and in females from sexual inactivity to unplanned pregnancies.

How we look and more importantly how we feel about ourselves plays a major role on our sex lives. And thus obese people have it harder when it comes to sex. Obese women’s sex life is influenced pretty hard. The fatter they feel, the more inactive they are sexually.

More obese people, especially women are and feel stigmatized because of how they look. This acts as a mental block.

The study showed that obese woman were 30% less likely to have had sex in the last year. Also because of social stigma most obese women look for and find possible sex partners thru the internet. Most of them refuse to use normal means of meeting someone like parties or thru friends and colleagues.

Obese men were 70% less likely to have had more than 1 sexual partner the past year. Also they were 2.5 times more prone to suffer from erectile dysfunctions. The alarming thing was that obese men under 30 were likely to have had a sexually transmitted disease

One strange result the study showed was that obese women were more likely to have an unplanned pregnancies. The reason behind this was that most obese women refuse to go to the gynecologist and don’t use contraceptives. Also the few women that do consult a doctor aren’t advised to use contraceptives. It seems that because of their weight doctors just assume they are sexually inactive and so never offer to help. I agree with some of the reviews I read at http://healthblog247.com/using-viagra-online/ that Viagra (Sildenfil) is good for ed treatment.

Other problems caused by obesity on ones sex life include: difficulty copulating, loss of breath due to an inactive life style and psychological fears of being and/or feeling unwanted and unattractive.

No matter how you look at it, being obese alters your whole life, even your sexual life. You end up going out less and meeting less people. You get pulled in a vicious cycle that only ends up making you more obese, unhealthy and most likely depressed.


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