Child Obesity Statistics Point Out Working Mothers As Cause

July 10, 2010

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Researchers in the UK tracked the life and health of over 8500 citizens born in the 50’s. They discovered that their children were 50% more likely to be obese or overweight than they were in the 60’s. One possible cause was determined as being full time working moms.

Those who grew up in the 60’s were raised by house wives. Most of their mothers stayed at home and raised them. They were well looked after and benefited from home cooked meals.

In today’s hectic economy with less and less stability mothers also how to roll up their sleeves and help bring home the bacon. Thus more and more children are left alone to tend to themselves. Even the ones left in someone’s care don’t have it to good. As most of you probably know, no one can replace mother, and a stranger is less motivated to do a good job of raising kids. Grandparents are usually to old to do a good job, and most of the time kids are left to do as they please.

Also after long working hours, more and more families are too tired to cook, and prefer to eat out. Since both parents work and fast food is cheap, they can afford to eat out most of the time

Even so, child obesity isn’t officially linked to working mothers. Although the daily time mothers spend away from their kids is proportional to how overweight and unhealthy they are, the link is to subjective, researchers say.

There are too many differences from how things were and how people lived in the 60’s and how daily life is today. The abundance of fast food, soft drinks and unhealthy snacks at low prices is the predominant factor. Also, less and less children do sports. They prefer to spend hours in front of their computers or gaming consoles.

Just 2 decades ago you pretty much had no other fun alternative to sports. Bee it soccer, catch, dodge ball, baseball, tennis etc. If you were a kid and wanted to have fun, you would play outside.

Still, mothers are also a contributing factor to childhood obesity. More and more mothers neglect their children since they have full time jobs and/or are too tired to raise their children properly.

If you want to raise a family you have to chose between your career and your family

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