How to Have a Healthy Digestive System

7 Golden Rules for a healthy digestive system

Drink plenty of water if you want a healthy digestive system

Water is vital for digestion and for the absorption of the food nutrients we eat. Try to drink at least 3 pints per day, or 6 to 8 large glasses. If you exercise you should drink more water. You also have to drink water to lose weight, if you want to achieve easy weight loss.

Let your digestive system rest

Your digestive system needs rest and recreation – like your whole body does! Between 6 and 8 hours of sleep per night is sufficient. And because your digestive system really needs to rest do not eat big heavy meals before going sleep.

Keep the same hours for dining

You do not eat anything for breakfast. You chow down some food for lunch and then the rush to “recover” with a big dinner? Give your digestive system a chance to work properly by eating balanced meals at regular intervals. Even if you eat the same amount of food, a regime of "starvation and feasts" seriously harms your digestive system.

Exercise for a healthy digestive system

Exercise helps speed up the bowel traffic. It stimulates the body and the peristaltic movements of the intestines. Half an hour of exercise a day helps you keep your body in good working order. So create a good workout routine and stick to it.

Do as your mother taught you!

I am convinced that your mother taught you to chew your food well. Chewing is the first stage of digestion: food is ground, pre-digested by saliva and other body sensors are signaling it is time to secrete gastric juices. If you wolf food without chewing it you lose an important stage of the digestive process.

Focus on dietary fibers

Your target should be between 25 and 30 grams of dietary fibers daily. It is easy to increase your daily intake by replacing white bread with whole bread, by eating almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts as a healthy snack, and even eating a fruit instead of drinking fruit juice …

Stress yourself less to maintain a healthy digestive system

Intellectual and emotional stress can cause indigestion. Therefore you should avoid eating when you are angry or upset. Try to give yourself 5 minutes of relaxation before meals … and remember to enjoy the food you eat.

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