How to Go Back to the Gym and Get Motivated to Stick to It

January 22, 2010

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Although you were very excited when you started going to the gym, you strayed from the path and started to enjoy a late snack in front o the TV, and you started to eat some chips. Besides during winter clothes hide more that they reveal. In conclusion, you do not have to go to the gym anymore. Eventually you start thinking you should go back, exercise because you worked hard to get where you are but even if you start the day thinking “today I will go to the gym” by the time evening comes you had a very tiresome day or you just do not feel like it.

There are definitely millions of excuses for not going to the gym. But when spring comes you will already would resign to the fact that you are not fit anymore. The way you look affects both self-esteem and the way people perceive you. So do not give up. Go back to the gym. Start exercising again.


To keep your spirits up start doing things that keep you excited every step of the way. That way you will stick to your workout plan while going to the gym. Here are some tips to help you get motivated and go back to the gym:
• Measure yourself and write down your dimensions;
• Take a picture and keep it as a "reference system";
• Keep a diary in which you note the progress;
• Give your program a name, eg "Mary’s Road to some naughty buttocks", "Helen’s six months plan to a sexy body” “Ben’s six pack extravaganza”. Include the time you can invest to achieve your goal, such as "the road" or "the six months plan”. This type of schedule gives you the freedom to plan your exercise without too much pressure;
• Mark the days when you were at the gym on your calendar, but not with X. .. because it is generally a negative mark. Just encircle them.

One of the most common mistakes people make when they go back to the gym is that they continue from where they left off. This is the mistake that leads in many cases to giving up for good.


If you want to get muscle cramps you will start exercising from where you left off at a certain moment. Muscle cramps do not help. You can’t go back to the gym and start exercising like you didn’t stop exercising. The first step would be a warm up, followed by getting some good realistic advice from a trainer. You actually have to start it all over again. Do light exercises until you get back to your former stamina.

Generally after 8 weeks the body can go back to the rhythm it was once costumed to. And remember you only have to start going again to the gym.

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