Going For the First Time to the Gym

June 12, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

If you have finally decided to go to the gym I congratulate you. In no time you will achieve the body you desire if you stick to a rigorous workout schedule.

When going to the gym make sure you pack comfortable gym clothes. They should be made of cotton and elastane or spandex. Your workout clothes must be flexible and should stretch. That way you will be able to execute complex movements without any hindrance. If you can buy workout clothes that are were treated anti-bacteria the better because you will drastically reduce the chance of getting many skin diseases.

The first time you visit the gym go and introduce yourself to your personal trainer. He will create a personalized workout schedule for you. Depending on what goals you want to achieve and your current health, your personal fitness trainer will recommend different exercises and how often you should come to the gym. He will also show you how to use correctly all the exercise machines found in the gym.


Usually the first month of going to the gym is dedicated to getting your body used to doing all that effort. You will do general whole body workouts every time you go to the gym. After that more complex workout rotations and exercises can be attempted to speed up the achievement of your goals.

At first during one week you should work out all the muscle groups from your body. You can follow the next workout schedule:
-Monday: chest, triceps and abdomen;
-Wednesday: legs, shoulders and abdomen;
-Friday: back, biceps and abdomen.
If you wish you can create your own workout schedule. For the best results you should ask your personal fitness trainer.

If your goral is to lose weight then you should be patient. Get a healthy diet and workout 4 times a week. Doing cardio and fitness exercises combined with a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables is the surest way to lose weight.

Cardio workouts are the biggest fat burners. You have to sweat during the exercise. The intensity of the cardio exercises should be high enough to feel that you are really doing some effort. If possible you should do your cardio exercises in the morning on an empty stomach.

You must drink water while exercising. The more you sweat the more water you should drink daily.

If you feel any recurring pain while exercising go and consult a doctor. He will tell you what kind of exercises are recommended for you. You can also ask your personal trainer. Don’t endure the pain. Pain is our bodies way of telling us that something is wrong.

If you want to start taking nutritional supplements you should first consult a nutritionist. If you stop going to the gym you should stop taking the nutritional supplement. You should have some clear rules when it comes to taking them.

When it comes to weight loss is more about turning fat into muscles. You won’t lose that many pounds, but you will look fabulous.

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