How to Get the Most Out of Your Gym Time

June 11, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

If you want to get fit and stay fit you have to go to the gym. If you need more energy you should hit the gym. Your body needs energy. Two times per week you should go for 1 hour and work out in the gym. Physical exercises relax you and help you sculpt a great looking body.

When you get to the gym you go and change your workout clothes. You should wear comfy sporty clothes that won’t hinder your while exercising. A bottle of water and a towel will also be helpful.

Before using the diverse exercise machines you must do a short warm-up routine. Find a less crowded corner of the gym and start warming-up. Do some simple stretching exercises to get rid of muscle tension. Your body will also get ready for the intense exercises that will follow. If you don’t know what you should do to warm-up your body go ask the personal trainer that every good gym has.


Speak with your personal trainer. His purpose is that of helping you achieve your goal. If you tell him/her what is your goal your personal trainer will recommend you what are the best exercises that you should do. Your personal trainer will tell you what exercise machines to use, how to use them, how many sets and repetitions you should do.

When you go for the first times to a gym, or after a big break, take it easy. Don’t rush in and lift heavy weights. You have to be able to get out of bed the following day. If you get muscle soreness your workout schedule will be destroyed and your days will be a little painful. Nobody likes to feel pain at every movement. I have done that mistake and trust me it really hurt bad. One day I had to stay in bed because every movement was so painful. Don’t overdo it with exercising by pushing your body to its limits.

Many use the stationary bike or treadmill to warm-up. Your personal trainer will tell you how many minutes of warm-up you should do. Then you can start using the exercise machines for different muscle groups. Women use more some exercise machines while men use usually other exercise machines. Men and women have different bodies, obvious thing by the way 🙂 so they need different types of exercises to look great.

Never ever try to lift more weight than you can handle. Your back will give you a warning if you do so and you don’t want to push past it because the results aren’t happy. Your personal trainer will help you establish the best weights to use with each machine. He will monitor you and recommend you how much weight you should use and the correct way to use the exercise machine.

At the gym you have to be orderly. After you have used dumbbells or other piece of equipment that can be moved around put them back to their proper place. If you work out at a exercising machine were you require the help of another person DON’T DO THE EXERCISE ALONE. Get a fitness partner and you can help each other out do the exercise. Also don’t forget your towel at the various exercise machines that you used.

Drink water while exercising but don’t drink too much. While working out don’t chew gum because it might choke you by accident.

When you leave the gym try to leave the locker room as need as you have found it. Also while changing your clothes don’t spread them all around the locker room disturbing your fellow gym goers.

Just choose the best gym for you and start sculpting your body and start going frequently. In no time you will look great.

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