How to Get Rid of Hunger in 6 Easy Steps

March 4, 2010

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Here is how you get rid of hunger in 6 easy steps. Just follow them and you will avoid feeling hungry too often.

1. Be sure to sleep well

According to a study by researchers at Columbia University, sleep deprivation leads to a decrease in leptin, the protein that controls appetite, and stimulates the production of ghrelin, the hormone produced by the body that stimulates hunger.

2. Put your body in motion

A moderate physical activity stimulates the neurotransmitters that create the feel good sensation and reduces cortisol, the hormone typical to anxiety. For example, if talking on the phone, it is better not to sit comfortably in an armchair, but you talk while walking. Physical activity frees and relaxes your mind, and you can remove the feeling of hunger.

3. Try to diversify your activities

When your appetite is red hot, find alternative activities that do not make you take your mind off food. Read a book, call a friend you have not talked to recently, meet up with the gang of friends in the park – all these activities may be minor but enjoyable and that can help you remove your main enemy: hunger.

4. Valid for women only: Start dieting immediately after the menstrual cycle

When you feel that "those" days are approaching the body temperature is higher, there is a higher amount of progesterone in your body, and thus the power consumption is higher. So, during the menstrual cycle is not the best time to start a diet.

5. Stay away from temptations

Remove all tempting food from the house: chocolate, cookies, ice cream etc…

6. Take a few minutes for meditation daily

For example, think of a situation in life where you felt very powerful and express that time/feeling in a sentence. Go back in time and remember it all to the smallest detail: sound, color, and decor. Try to relive the moment when you reach that state, touch your left shoulder with right hand and keep in mind “Power”.

Try to find a few minutes every day that you spend only with your thoughts and try to eliminate the haunting feeling of hunger from your mind, relive happy moments, situations that you felt strong and accomplished, or remember the beautiful friendships of childhood, a nice man, or a joke.

And remember: learn to love yourself and think positive!

Often it is said that rules are made to be broken. Yet a world without rules would be a chaotic world. It is the same thing with diets: learn to respect some rules, to live healthy and get ready to have a balanced body.

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