Calcium Facts: Is calcium fattening?

March 4, 2010

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There is a very bizarre concept in some cultures diets, namely that additional calcium intake makes you put on more weight. For the rest of the world, calcium is considered to be a mineral needed to prevent osteoporosis and recently considered to be next to a real miracle mineral that favors weight loss, alleviates depression and anxiety associated with premenstrual syndrome and controls blood pressure.

A recent study conducted on a sample of 575 women has revealed that people who had extra calcium intake did not get fat over a period of 35 years, unlike those who had a calcium deficiency. Another study found that, because of the role that calcium has in metabolic disorders linked to obesity and insulin resistance, a diet low in calcium actually results in fat cell reserves, whereas calcium rich diets prevent their appearance. These are some interesting calcium facts. The study also found out that calcium determines the release of a hormone that sends signals to fat cells in the sense of their decomposition.

In terms of quantity it was reported that a minimum daily intake of 780 mg of calcium led to constant maintenance of fat mass index of persons participating in the study, while an intake of less than 780 mg of calcium resulted in gaining weight.

Of course a daily calcium intake also brings other health benefits to the body. Here are some other calcium health benefits:

1. Calcium supplementation (1200 mg/day) during the premenstrual period improves physical (bloating, abdominal cramps, Fluid retention) and emotional (depression, anxiety, nervousness) stress that is caused by the premenstrual syndrome.

2. Blood pressure may be influenced by the daily intake of calcium. There are even hypertensive patients that dropped their antihypertensive medication after the administration of calcium supplements (dosed by a doctor!).

3. Diets rich in calcium can help lower total blood cholesterol by up to 6% and harmful LDL cholesterol, with up to 11%, while the good cholesterol HDL fraction remained constant.

4. Osteoporosis is a real scourge that affects women, especially; brittle bones, changes in the spine, increased risk of hip fracture are just some of the characteristics of this disease. Studies show that a daily intake of additional calcium combined with vitamin D can halt the degradation of the skeletal system.

5. Calcium may protect the body against the development of malignant cells, particularly those involving colorectal cancer.

In conclusion this saying according to which calcium gain weight is false, calcium, besides other benefits, helps in weight loss.


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