Hayden Panettiere’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Staying Active!

January 24, 2011

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Actress Hayden Panettiere started acting at only 10 years old, and quickly gained popularity for her screen presence and charm. She next captured fame worldwide for her role as superpowered cheerleader Claire Bennet on the hit NBC television series Heroes, showing off her tight, toned body in cheerleader uniform. Here, the 21 year old beauty spills on her secret to having that enviable figure.

"Oh, I love being in shape. I eat right, I exercise a lot." She says. "My diet has plenty of greens, I love vegetables, I love fruit."

Hayden-Panettiere.jpgHayden Panettiere’s diet basically involves portion control. This kind of diet allows the intake of any kind of foods the dieter wants as long as everything is kept in minimal servings. 

” I will eat like a quarter of my meal.. and then 20mins later I’ll eat the other quarter and let it sit.”

For Hayden Panettiere’s exercise routine, she works out at the Crunch Gym in West Hollywood together under personal trainer, Jonathan Bernan. Included in her routine are using the Stairmaster, doing resistance training, light weights, and circuit training to stay strong, healthy and fit.

“I’ve always played a lot of sports—volleyball, softball, baseball. I was a gymnast for nine years,” she claims.

Hayden also loves to swimming as she claims,

"Swimming works all your muscles — your core, glutes, quads, even the ones you didn’t know you had, like the little ones in your feet and hands!" 

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