Gloria Estefan’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Trimmer and Better Posture

January 24, 2011

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The Queen of the current Latin music resurgence, Gloria Estefan has burnt the charts with sizzling hits such as Conga and Cuts Both Ways. At 53 years old, the 5 foot 1 petite Grammy award winning singer still looks as youthful as ever, thanks to her good Cuban-American genes and healthy eating and dieting habits.

"My biggest motivation to stay fit is the hardware in my back. If I don’t work out, I start feeling it." She says. "I like to look and feel good, and the older you get, the more important it gets."

Gloria-Estefan.jpgGloria does not follow a strict eating plan, instead, Gloria Estefan’s diet consists of well balanced, rightly proportioned not strict or rigid unlike other diet plans.

“I eat healthy foods but am not fanatical about keeping to any diet. If I eat more than I should because I’m celebrating or simply ‘wanted to’ then I’m a little more careful for a couple of weeks,” Gloria claims.

On the other hand, Gloria Estefan’s exercise routine includes:

  • Lyengar Yoga

“I also do Iyengar Yoga twice a week. It helps me stay in balance with the rest of my life,” she says.  

  • Tennis

“I’ve been playing tennis a lot! In tennis, you do a lot of sprinting. I enjoy that because you don’t even notice you’re doing exercise, and sports are a wonderful way to workout,” 

“Because of my back injury 17 years ago, my core is crucial. It’s not a strain, and it concentrates on the smaller muscles. I haven’t stopped my other workouts, but this has been a great addition.” 

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