The Pilates Workout for a Toned Body

June 11, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

Pilates is a great way to tone your whole body. It is a unique system of stretching and weight exercises that strengthen and tone your muscles. The Pilates system has been developed over 90 years ago by Joseph Pilates.

A Pilates workout strengthens your muscles, increases your flexibility and equilibrium, lowers the level of stress, help create a better body posture, diminishes bad posture headaches, increases bone density and the joint mobility. It also improves your mood because there is a direct link between the psychic and physic. For a full Pilates workout all you need is a mattress. Your body offers all the tools needed for an effective and complete workout.

The Pilates exercises are varied. They blend together physical working out with improving your psychic state at the same time. Both are coordinated with the help of breathing which is very important during the Pilates workout. The included exercises are of stretching, strengthening your muscles and improving your body posture. All of them are combined in smooth moves that flow from one to another. You will also have a smoother movement after the Pilates workout.


Pilates is for everyone regardless of age and sex. If you have any health problems all the exercises can be modified to make them safe and still benefit from them. Children can practice Pilates but they might find it boring. You need to focus during the Pilates workout.

Pilates is a great way to improve your body posture, increase your muscle strength, an improved breathing and blood flow. A Pilates workout is also a great way to eliminate the toxins form your body. If you are overweight Pilates exercises are a great way to get in shape. You will probably lose inches from the waistline not pounds on the scale. After all muscles are heavier than fat. Having great looking muscles should be your goal. By doing frequent Pilates workouts you will also increase your flexibility and mobility.

Increased health, mobility and flexibility. What more can you want. Pilates is a great workout that you should definitely try.

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