Drew Barrymore’s Diet and Exercise Tips To Get In Great Shape

December 1, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Movie star at 7. Drinker at 9. Rehabilitated bestselling memoirist at 14. Drew Barrymore used to be Hollywood’s Bad Girl. But the green-eyed stunner rose above her early notoriety and transformed into one of show business’ power players. Here, the actress talks about losing weight, being healthy, and embracing her natural curves.

"I didn’t exercise before." Drew admits. "But when I started to work out, my body changed, so it turns out all those people who said exercise was good were right. I hate that." She adds with a laugh.

Drew always had a curvy figure, but by adopting a new diet and exercise regimen, she’s looking more lean, fit and radiant than ever.

Drew Barrymore’s diet consists of balancing her meals with lots of organic vegetables and lean proteins. Her diet is basically a low calorie eating plan to help her watch out for her total caloric intake throughout the day.

Drew_Barrymore.jpgDrew Barrymore’s exercise includes jogging, dancing, swimming, yoga, and Pilates four times a week.

"I love Pilates." She shares. "It reduces body fat and tones muscles, something I need."

She joined a Pilates class to keep her muscles lean and well-toned without bulking them up. Drew also includes Kathy Kaehler’s Boot Camp workout  to her routine, which gives her varied workouts designed to give the fastest results in the shortest time possible.

“Losing the weight has given me confidence and a sense of pride." Drew says. "But I’m realistic about my body, I’ll never go down to a size zero, but that’s okay. I love my body."

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