Catherine Bell’s Diet and Exercise Secrets

December 1, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

British-born Iranian-American actress Catherine Bell has more than her pretty face going for her. The 5 foot 10 inches tall stunner is a staunch supporter of Warriors In Pink, has a happy family life, a great career and not surprisingly, also possesses a knockout bod.

"I’m in better shape now than I’ve ever been." She shares. "Everything’s going great."

Catherine_Bell.jpgCatherine Bell’s diet adheres to a balanced organic eating plan. She also follows portion control so instead of craving food, she can concentrate on cutting back, all in moderation.

 “I always say that if two out of three meals are healthy each day, then that’s certainly good enough. I don’t believe in the currently popular no-carbohydrate, high-protein diet program. I’ve done it; I’ve tried it. You do lose weight, but the minute you have carbohydrates again, you just gain all the weight back." Catherine states. "It’s not a diet you can follow for a lifetime… It’s boring to eat the same kinds of food all the time, and you just can’t maintain it. Moderation is the key to a diet that works for a lifetime.”

Catherine Bell’s exercise includes kick-boxing, skiing, snowboarding, water-skiing, golfing, and mountain biking to keep her body in shape.

 “Taking really good care of yourself definitely requires planning." Catherine says. "But if you stop and think about your future and how long you want your body to last, then the extra daily effort becomes worth it.”

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