The swimming workout and its benefits for your health

April 17, 2009

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Swimming is definitely one of the more beautiful and efficient sports you can practice. And the best part is that you can practice it regardless of the weather outside, a torrid day making it more appealing and desired. Swimming is a sport for all ages because it is a health source. Everybody is welcomed in the pool and to enjoy the freedom that water brings.

Swimming covers the all the aspect necessary to ensure the harmonious development of its practitioners. Swimming gives you a feeling of joy, a better physical shape and improves your total wellbeing. Some physical affections can be cured or relieved by the practice of swimming. It can help cure asthma, epilepsy and any physical and psych dysfunctions.

The best advantage swimming brings to the table is the fact that it give you the chance to work your muscles and joints without the strain of weight on them. Tension is reduced that way making the risk of injury almost inexistent. A classic example would be the one of a overweight man who puts its articulations to great strain during the day, a strain that is increased by the gravitational force. His knees and hips bare the better part of all that strain. But in water most of that strain is takes away, water lifting and supporting his body.


The practice of any sport will be benefic to your health but swimming brings some special benefits that you cannot be found in other type of physical exercises. Here are just some of the benefits of swimming:
-swimming determines an incredible cardio-pulmonary resistance
-swimming stimulates the blood flow
-swimming helps you keep a stable blood pressure
-swimming reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases
-swimming develops the majority of the muscle groups, more than two thirds of all your muscles
-swimming hardens the ligaments of your joints, preventing injury in the future
-swimming improves your body posture
-swimming develops flexibility
-swimming attenuates all accumulated tensions in your body
-swimming gets you in a happy positive state of being
-swimming helps you get rid of anxiety and get rid of depression
-swimming stimulates physical and psychic development.

During the last couple of years many doctors and medical specialists have recommended swimming in the process of healing different diseases like: asthma, muscular and joint pain, spine problems, stress, growth stimulation, controlled weight loss, physical and motor disabilities, autism…

Water exercises allow a movement freedom that cannot be achieved on land. In water you can achieve movements and postures that cannot be achieved outside it. And working out in water has a positive impact on your spirit because you are immersed in a playful environment and the optimum temperature of water helps you relax.

A regular swimming workout makes it possible for your respiratory system to become more elastic and efficient. Your lungs will become more capable to take in a bigger quantity of air, helping your cells get more oxygen. The efficient functioning of your lungs is determined by the degree of development of your upper body muscles, especially the muscles of your chest. The chest muscle are worked out by swimming regularly.

But that’s not all. The resistance of water determines your body to work harder and consume more energy while swimming. Swimming also help you get rid of cellulite also.

If you want to find out what are the swimming styles and their specific benefits for your health read the Swimming styles and their benefits for your health article.

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