Bridget Hall’s Diet and Exercise Routine: a Hot Model

March 10, 2011

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Stunningly beautiful supermodel Bridget Hall has graced high-end fashion magazines including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Allure and Sports Illustrated. Her all-american pretty features, combined with that 5 foot 10 frame of lean, trimmed body is what got the entire nation hooked on this Texas native. Here, Bridget shares with us the diet and exercise routine that has kept her body beach-worthy as it is. 

Bridget-Hall.jpg"I do watch what I eat, I think that’s very important." She says. "And exercise. I try to work out regularly, it just makes me feel so much better about myself."

Bridget Hall’s diet is adhered to the principles of David Kirsch’s diet that includes a comprehensive eight-week eating plan which is separated into 3 phases.

The first phase of Bridget Hall’s diet is considered the most restrictive wherein Bridget has to follow the A, B, C, D, E and F’ of the diet. This stands for no alcohol, breads, starchy carbohydrates, dairy, sweets or fruits.

Furthermore, the first phase meals contain only lean meat such as turkey, chicken or fish and vegetables. One or two protein shakes can likewise be taken throughout the day.

The next phase allows the intake of healthy carbohydrates, and the third phase includes cheat meals per week.

For Bridget Hall’s exercise routine, she adheres to David Kirsch’s exercise program that involves performing lots of lunges and moves. At the same time, it allows the use of light weights, around 5 pounds maximum with high repetitions.

Furthermore, the first two weeks of Bridget Hall’s exercise plan includes doing 45-minutes of cardio exercises followed by another 45 minutes of aerobic exercise with strength training plus the toning up of the muscles together with abdominal and leg routine.

After the two weeks, it then proceeds with the maintenance phase wherein Bridget has to do 3 days of aerobic exercise with strength training and toning then another two days to do 45 minutes of cardio exercise and two days of strength training sessions for 30 minutes.

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