Bar Refaeli’s Diet and Exercise Routine: The Israeli Hottie

March 10, 2011

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Supermodel and covergirl Bar Refaeli has got men wrapped around her little finger for her stunning beauty and curvaceous body. Her pretty Israeli looks have landed her contracts with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry; Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated, and Elle, to name a few. The blonde, blue-eyed stunner is 5 foot 9 inches of naturally exquisite features, with a perfectly sculpted body developed by her healthy diet and exercise routine.

Bar-Refaeli.jpg“I don’t feel the need to be super skinny, but being in shape is important. But even if I wasn’t in this industry I would still want to look after myself and be healthy and keep my body in good condition,” Bar shares.

For Bar Refaeli’s diet, she prefers to eat healthily rather than to adhere to any kind of fad diet popular these days.

She claims, “I don’t diet and I don’t have an eating plan, but I like to eat healthily. I don’t deny myself anything and there’s nothing I wouldn’t eat. I like desserts – I like food full-stop, but I exercise and I’m young, so everything keeps in check.”

However, Bar Refaeli’s diet is sometimes adjusted especially when she has important activities that need her to look good and to stay in great shape.

"If I have a major shoot or fashion show coming up and I want to look my best, then I’ll spend a little extra time working out or I’ll stick to eating salads and chicken for a few days. I would never go on some crazy fad diet or eat anything weird to get thinner – it’s just not good for your body,” she shares.

For Bar Refaeli’s exercise routine, she enjoys horseback riding which she loves doing since she was a child. Horseback riding as a sport is actually a good exercise too as it can burn as much as 400 calories per hour and it is effective in toning up the core muscles and correcting one’s posture. At the same time, it works out the back, thigh, calves, as well as abdomen.

Bar Refaeli’s exercise also trains with martial arts and Kray Maga which is a hand-to-hand combat style of defense that was developed in Israel. She also kicks to keep her long legs well toned up.

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