Insanely Easy And Fast Weight Loss For Teens

In this modern day and age, it’s no wonder why over 12.5 million of our country’s teens are overweight. With all the late-night TV snacking, supersized meals and Xbox games, how do you encourage young people to adopt a healthier dieting and exercise routine? 

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Here, we’re going to help you with that, with our 8 insanely easy and totally doable fast weight loss tips for your teens.

1. Start small and lose big

To be successful at weight loss, you have to start with small goals. Research shows those who focus on smaller goals were able to lose more weight than those who started with bigger weight loss goals. Not only are small goals easier to reach, but reaching them keeps your motivation high.

2. Believe in yourself

To make change possible, you have to trust yourself. In one study, individuals who changed their way of thinking about themselves were the most succesful at changing their weight. Reassess your goals daily, and remind yourself that only you can can change your weight, one healthy choice at a time.

3. Opt for baby carrots

For every one baby carrot you eat instead of one potato chip, you’re saving yourself from 10 calories and 2 grams of fat. And that’s just for one measly potato chip. Think how many calories and fats you can save yourself from when you avoid eating a whole bag of chips.

4. Make the kitchen your only eating area

Don’t make eating while watching the television a habit, or worse, taking your snacks to the bedroom. Keep the food where it’s supposed to be- in the kitchen. You’ll be surprised how much this helps in making you eat less and less often.

5.  Chew slowly

This is among the most obvious yet rarely practiced tip for weight loss. Individuals usually don’t realize how fast they eat, it becomes such a habit, we forget to slow down. Put your sppoon and fork down in between every bite. Doing this will give your digestive system time to recognize you are full.

6. Drink like a fish

Drinking eight 8 ounce glasses of water everyday will work wonders not only on your weight but your overall well-being. Your complexion will become clearer, your moods lighter, your bowel movements regular and boosts your metabolism to burn fats faster.

7. Catch up on sleep

Lack of sleep impairs your body’s ability to regulate hormones, balance blood sugar levels and process and store carbohydrates. Be sure to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep everyday. The feeling of being well-rested will curb hunger pangs and lessen cravings for unhealthy food.

8. Brush your teeth

Don’t laugh, successful weight gurus swear by this little trick. Apparently, brushing your teeth after a meal sends a signal to the body that you’re done eating. Also, the taste of toothpaste and the action of brushing helps in erasing the food cravings.

The Skinny

By following these foolproof fast weight loss tips, teens will find that that they will be happier in a lot of ways. They will have less anxiety over their appearance, will feel healthier and have more energy. Weight loss not only comes from watching what you eat, but also watching how you eat.

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